Take me, wash me free

Don’t go, too far
I fear we’ve lost the sight to see the lights on in the dark
It’s a fearful tragedy
That we’ve chosen not to see past the bleak and haunting intensity

Let me, change this
I wish you would have let me fix things with a kiss
The last time we tried
I felt the world collapse in my mind and that night I cried

I don’t want the last chance I need
I can’t give myself to someone who says they want to be free

I never meant to drown us
The blues that were within, left a hole big enough in me
For you to fit right in.
It just wasn’t right, and that’s okay
We’ll both live again to fight another day
But I wanted to make it work
I tried as hard as I should
It’s just a shame you took the blame
And jumped right off the hook


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