Notes found


I don’t feel as bad as yesterday. Not yet.

I get waves – I feel lost still, and I want to scream. But if I think about you too much – I just get angry. I’m wonder if you voted Labour or Tory.

Because of what I managed to drag out of you with regards to what you’re worried about – I think we’ll have to have a proper chat. Maybe even leave it for good. I can’t be second to you, or your worries about security. We’re supposed to be a team but it’s apparent you don’t feel like that and because you’ve said it, I won’t forget.

I just don’t really understand the whole situation. You approached me, propositioned me, you knew who I was – where I was from, that I wouldn’t be the same as you. And yours. But still you pushed on with me… why? Fell in love with me… why?

Who the fuck do you think you are. There we go, lost it.


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