Tim Hughes is a London based Art Director focusing on both Digital Design and Art Direction. In his work he shows a fluid understanding of how to create campaigns (and or) executions that work across many different mediums. Having worked within Editorial, Advertising, Digital design and Fashion Film his tight (but varied) portfolio shows a wide understanding of visual language and a thirst to know more.

Collaborating with a large roster of photographers, stylists, beauty artists and set designers to build different outputs for clients and works collaboratively with developers and other designers when realising projects for web and app.

Being a keen member of the WIF community and has co-hosted a talk on ‘Commercialism’s’ along side the Photographer Daisy Walker. After successfully launching More or Less magazine online with Jaime Perlman, he has worked with other top names in the industry on extra curricular projects such as revamping the KLOSS FILMS website and collaborating with Emily Sheffield to re-brand and redesign the app for #ThisMuchIKnow.

He is currently editing and pitching a personal project to online publications that supports the charity Macmillan where he corralled a group of young men into shaving their heads on camera, photographed by his good friend and collaborator Rodrigo Carmuega. Finally, he is always open to hearing about more projects, would you like to talk?!

• phone: +44 7999 489 101
• email: tim@premier-ne.co.uk
• instagram: @timb0jones

British Vogue – Digital Designer // 2015-2016
Spring Studios – Integrated Designer // 2016-2017
Farfetch – Art Editor // 2017- Current